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Who we are

Founded in 2000, Phaze UK are a collective of hugely experienced Sound Supervisors, Designers, Editors & Re-Recording Mixers, recognised for working on some of the biggest TV & Film soundtracks of the past 2 decades.

Where we work

We are based out of our own studio in Fitzrovia, Central London. As well as multiple cutting rooms that we use to edit sound, we also have a certified Dolby Atmos studio where we are able to premix, mix & create deliverables to suit the needs of any project.

As well as working within Phaze, our team have extensive experience and connections within all major facilities across London.

Phaze UK

What we do

We specialise in full Sound Supervision from the very beginning of a project through to final delivery. Collaborating with film makers as early as the script stage allows the sound design to evolve and become part of the fabric of a film. Our team will create, edit & mix all elements of the soundtrack. Alongside our team at Phaze, we also work with editors, designers & mixers outside of Phaze to provide the highest quality work.


Contact Us

Please get in touch with any enquiries.

Contact: Danny Sheehan or Matthew Collinge

Email: dsheehan@phazeuk.com mcollinge@phazeuk.com

Tel: (+44) 0207 436 5160

Phaze UK Ltd.

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